Changing Vaginal PH / Acidity Or Alkalinity To Choose Your Baby's Sex | choose baby gender

Remember that boy sperm can not survive a hostile or acidic environment, so if you're trying to conceive a boy, you will want to change an acidic vaginal PH to an alkaline one. If you want to have a girl baby, then you'll have to boost your acidity. The best way to do either is to first determine your exact PH using testing strips. Then, you'll know exactly where you are and can manipulate your PH from there. (Most people need more than just vinegar and / or baking soda and water.)

You can do this by douching specifically for where you fall and where you are trying to go and / or you can eat or avoid certain foods. I recommend doing both, but I know some people prefer not to douche. If this is the case, you can achieve your desired PH through food, but you'll have to be very thorough with this. I do not recommend herbs, vitamins, or supplements to alter PH as some will also alter your ovulation and this is not what you're going for when you need predictable ovulation to select the gender of your baby.

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