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The idea of a diet for baby gender selection might sound a little hard to believe, but it's absolutely true. Just changing your diet a little-nothing drastic like eating cabbage soup all day or giving up chocolate (thank heavens!)-can make a very real difference in whether you conceive a baby boy or baby girl.

Why nutrition matters
Did you know girl babies are heartier than boys? Even in developed countries, infant mortality rates are higher for male babies than for females. It simply takes more resources to support a baby boy and your body knows it.

That means if you're hoping for a little boy, you need to eat in a way that lets your body know
you have plenty of resources available to keep the little guy healthy once he's born.

If your diet sends your body the message that resources are scarce, though, you're body makes the necessary chemical adjustments in favor of conceiving a little girl.

Just a small change in diet can make a difference. For example, regularly opting for a light breakfast will increase your chances of having a daughter, whereas adding a few snacks throughout the day will give you more chance of conceiving a son.

Using Diet to Create the Optimal pH Level
In general, sperm survive better in a slightly alkaline environment. Like baby girls themselves, though, female X-chromosome sperm are stronger than male Y-sperm, so they can tolerate more acidity than boy sperm.

While some gender selection programs suggest douching to create a more acidic or alkaline environment, this isn't really a great idea since douching has been linked to infections. It's a lot healthier to adjust your diet to make your system slightly more acidic (for a girl) or alkaline (for a boy).

What Foods to Eat
Don't fall for the myths that specific foods will swing your chances one way or another. Instead of individual foods, what you need to pay attention to are:

1) Daily calorie intake;
2) pH balance;
3) Macronutrients (proteins, fats, etc.) and;
4) Specific vitamins and minerals.

For instance, if you eat a lot of potassium-rich foods, you're more likely to conceive a baby boy. So, in one sense, the myth that bananas are "boy" food is true, but apricots, peas, and beans are "boy" foods, too. If fact, beans are even better because they're high protein and alkaline, which also favor conception of a little boy.

Diet Alone Won't do it
Your diet is a factor in determining which gender you conceive, but its influence is fairly limited. If you're serious about learning how to choose the sex of your baby, you need to follow a complete system that covers all the aspects of what determines a baby's gender like lovemaking positions and ovulation timing.

The right diet for baby gender selection might increase your odds by 5%, another technique can increase it by 7% and so on until with all the known methods combined you can reach more than a 90% chance of being able to conceive a gender you're hoping for.

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