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The next time you see that tempting plate of steak, think of the effects it can have on your body before stuffing your face with it. Sure, it's definitely, ultimately satisfying, but you might not be aware that it can also harm your health. Meat, which is a main part of the Western diet most of us are accustomed to, is considered an acidic food. Acidic foods trigger several diseases and other abnormalities that can distress our systems. As such, it would be best if you take these foods in moderation and and follow a diet dominated with high alkaline foods instead.

High alkaline foods are the key to a healthier and more energized body. These foods are replete with iron, calcium, sodium, cesium, potassium, and magnesium. Because of that, they can help improve the body's immune system. Eating alkaline foods regularly prevents obesity, cancer, tooth decay, flu, arthritis, and even skin disorders. Too, you exempt yourself from enduring chronic headaches, spasms, joint and muscle pains, and fatigue and even visible ageing!

Some researchers believe that inflammation is the main cause of most diseases suffered by people in the modern world. And you know what else these people found out? That acidic foods are inflammatory and high alkaline foods are anti-inflammatory.

The aforementioned diseases are common to people who have acidic foods as their main source of sustenance. This food category, besides meat, includes white breads, foods that are rich in saturated fat or those that are high in sugar, and drinks that are caffeinated and alcoholic.

On the other hand, high alkaline foods are the exact opposite of acidic foods: fresh vegetables, fruits, low-sugar foods, herbs, and several nuts (chestnuts, almonds, etc.) and spices (chili peppers, ginger, etc.). You must remember, though, that that there are only five fruits that are strictly considered alkaline: tomatoes, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and avocados. All other fruits are mildly acidic. Furthermore, you can also drink alkaline water, instead of guzzling down acidic beverages. You can have this specialized water by using an alkaline water machine.

Pursuing an alkaline ash diet does not just strengthen your immune system. In fact, it's proven to restore the vitality people had when they were young. Besides improving your physical energy, alkaline diet can also result in increased strength and stamina, mental clarity, and better digestion. It has also been discovered that eating high alkaline foods can prevent bone loss, a bonus benefit to help us in our older years.

Doctors have been advising people to eat high alkaline foods for years but it has fallen on deaf ears largely and been over-powered by the opposite recommendations of the media and food industry who promote acidic packaged foods. Things are changing though - these amazing facts about alkaline diet are out in the open and people are taking note. The time is now, make the decision to become more healthy with high alkaline foods and you will undoubtedly feel the amazing benefits.

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