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The possibility of scientific gender selection rose in 1933 when two Russian scientists, Mme Vera SCHROEDER and M. KOLTZOFF published their article in "Nature". These scientists have uncovered the fact that depending on whether they carry an X or Y chromosome, spermatozoa have opposite polarization. The X spermatozoa have a negative charge and the Y spermatozoa a positive charge. This work has also been validated by other scientific studies. One of them is the study carried out in The Science University of Tokyo in 1992. As we all know, nature always has some reasons when producing things in their own way. So why did nature give different electrical charges to the X and Y spermatozoa? Could it be because some other electrical process is going on with the ovum in the female body that would somehow relate to the different charges on the different types of spermatozoa?

In fact that is exactly what this is. Recently Dr. Kenneth GLANDER of Duke University, showed that the female Muriquis monkeys in Brazil, are able to modify their vaginal electric potential in order to promote fertilization of the ovule by male or female spermatozoa according to need to preserve the male/female equilibrium of their group. This is a very good example of conscious gender selection and is specific to the issue of family balance of these particular monkeys have.

In other mammals gender balance is also protected which is actually out of the scope of this article. We should however talk about the gender selection mechanism in the female body which serves to guaranteeing the procreation of both genders under any condition. Best understood by the discovery by Professor J. STOLKOWSKI in the 1980's indicating that sex determination was possible by means of modifications in the ion content of food. Thus effecting the electrical charge of the body and then in turn that of the ovum. This study has also been the basis of the diet method.

This means that the gender of the offspring of the mammal species is effected by certain types of food mother consumes. Such an effect would mean that certain environmental conditions would force the species on the favor of one gender, either male or female. This in turn would mean extinction of that species just due to an environment forced acidic or alkali diet in the long term.Nature can not allow that. In other words life always finds a way. Natures solution to this problem is a sinusoidal cycle which changes the charge on the ovum membrane to the negative or positive no matter what the diet dictates. During the high negative or the high positive periods of this cycle the ion content of the food could still effect the rest of the body for a specific charge but the charge on ovum remains unaffected by the ion content of the food. When exposed to sperms during a positive cycle, the ovum will naturally repel the Y spermatozoa and attract the X spermatozoa causing female offspring and during a negative cycle, the ovum will naturally repel the X spermatozoa and attract the Y spermatozoa causing male offspring.

This mechanism ensures the procreation of both genders and thus the continuity of the species even under extreme dietary conditions.

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