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Ovulation occurs when an egg is released from the ovary and passes into fallopian tube. Sperm must fertilize the egg within 24 hours after its release for pregnancy to occur. The body produces a large amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) immediately prior to the ovulation. This generally happens in the middle of menstrual cycle and is known as LH surge. Pregnancy is more likely to happen during this fertile time.

LH surge in urine signals that ovulation is likely to occur in next 24 to 36 hours. The LH ovulation test is preferred to detect the elevated levels of LH in urine or ovulation.

When to take the test?
First, the length of your menstrual cycle should be determined to know the day of testing. If the length of the cycle is 28 days, count 11 days from the day last period started and the 7th day is the day to test. If your menstrual cycle length is 22 days, 6th day from when your last period started is the day, from which testing has to be done.

Performing the ovulation test
Prior to testing, allow the urine specimen and test device to reach the room temperature. Remove the test device from the sealed pouch and use as soon as possible. Put the test device on a clean and flat surface. Pour three full drops of urine specimen in the specimen well using the dropper. Avoid air bubbles in the specimen well. Start the timer and take results after five minutes.

Inference of the results
For a positive result two lines appear, one is test line and another is reference line. Test line is same as or darker than reference line indicating that you may ovulate within 24 to 36 hours. For a negative result also two lines may appear. There might be no test line or it may be lighter than reference line. A reference line fails to appear in an invalid result. Insufficient specimen volume or wrong procedural techniques are most likely reasons for invalid result.

The FDA approved ovulation test is very helpful to in determining whether to get pregnancy or to avoid without any hassle.

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